Elephant Parade was inspired by a true story, a true story of a brave baby elephant named Mosha that had lost her leg after stepping on a landmine. 
Father and son, Marc and Mike Spits, were so moved by Mosha’s story that they founded Elephant Parade in 2006 to help raise money for the important work of elephant hospitals and towards elephant conservation in general. 

In 2008, baby elephant Mosha was the first baby elephant in the world to receive a prosthetic leg. Mosha, which means ‘Star’ in the Karen language, is a universal example of bravery and the ability to overcome even the greatest obstacles. It is her spirit that has been driving Elephant Parade’s work and efforts up to this day.

We believe in the power of a global movement to make a happier world through Art, Business and Conservation (ABC). Our worldwide art exhibitions and products put smiles on the faces of millions of people and create awareness and funds for elephant conservation. 

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Mosha is a baby elephant who stepped on a landmine and lost her leg. Mosha, the first elephant in the world to receive a prosthetic leg, was the inspiration behind Elephant Parade. Whilst on holiday In Thailand, Marc met a baby elephant named Mosha, who had lost her leg after stepping on a landmine. Mosha inspired Marc and Mike to create Elephant Parade: “We wanted to help Mosha and do something structural, something that would be profitable in the long run. This is the only way in which we can provide the elephant a sustainable future”.

In 2007, the first exhibition was held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Mosha has been featured in every Elephant Parade exhibition event since 2007. Friends of the Asian Elephant Hospital, Mosha’s home base in Lampang, was the first organization to receive contributions generated by Elephant Parade and structurally continues to receive funds for taking care of Mosha for as long as she lives. Mosha is a universal example of bravery and the ability to overcome obstacles. Her spirit is what drives Elephant Parade’s work up to this day. Mosha has been featured in every Elephant Parade exhibition event since 2007.
Elephant Parade® is not a charity, but a Social Enterprise and owns the intellectual property rights of Elephant Parade. A Social Enterprise is an organization that applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in both human and environmental well-being. 

Elephant Parade generates money from event services and selling products and donates 20% of their profits to NGO Elephant Family. Elephant Parade is registered in The Netherlands. 

We believe that a business can contribute to creating a better and happier world. Unlike a charity, Elephant Parade is not dependent on donations but generates its own revenue of which we donate a large part to projects we support. We offer a holistic concept where all our activities such as our Parades, our webshop and our conservational efforts work together for our main goal: saving the elephant.
Elephant Parade donates 20% of its net profits to NGO Elephant Family, with a minimum of EUR 50.000 a year.

In addition, Elephant Parade shall also donate to Elephant Family any additional money generated by Elephant Parade's sales and activities in aid of elephant conservation in each quarter ("Additional Donation"). The Additional Donation reflects 20% of Elephant Parade's net profits and is made in addition to the EUR 50.000 yearly Minimum Donation.

Elephant Family is the most specialized Asian elephant NGO with a proven track record of making a difference for Asia's elephants. Elephant Family's projects span from India to Indonesia, and since their founding in 2002 they have delivered over 150 projects to save elephants from extinction. For more information visit their website.
Elephant Parade replicas are made by Elephant Parade Production co., Ltd. in Northern Thailand. The Elephant Parade studio counts over 150 dedicated and talented painters. Each replica is a unique piece of art, handmade and decorated by one of our talented artists. 
Elephant Parade replicas and merchandise are being sold in 23 countries over 225 stores and via Elephant Parade's online store. Elephant Parade retailers can be found here.

Elephant Parade exhibitions are often accompanied with an Elephant Parade Pop Up Shop. 
To learn more about Elephant Parade please visit our website
Each Elephant Parade replica is carefully handcrafted in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Due to the handcrafted nature of the items, some slight variations in design might appear. Little smudges, speckles or imperfections are part of the charm of a handcrafted piece.

If you are unsure whether you received the right item, feel free to contact us so we help.